The mission of University Preparatory Academy - Palm Beach is to provide students with the academic, leadership and social skills that will enable them to attend and graduate from an institution of higher education.

We believe this mission statement encompasses the best of what University Preparatory Academy - Palm Beach (“University Prep”) will have to offer, and focuses in on the three components that we believe will be essential to building the overall culture of the school.


University Prep’s program will hold students accountable for academic success and structures are built in for assisting those students who may be struggling. The use of the Florida Standards will not only be used as the core program focus, but looked at as a minimum set of academic expectations. We will expect our students to rise above the academic standards.


The culture at University Prep will be that student achievement is everyone’s responsibility, from each of the teacher’s on staff, to the administration, to the volunteers, and to the students themselves. 

Social Skills

We are confident that with our college focused aim, we will help students succeed. Our students will develop the character traits and work habits necessary to succeed in college and life beyond. In addition to the academic needs of our students, these mind sets and social skills will be an important focus of University Prep.

Educational Service Provider

University Preparatory Academy is managed by Academica. Academica is one of the nation's longest-serving and most powerful charter school service and support organizations. The company was founded in 1999 on the principle that each charter school is a unique educational environment governed by an independent board of directors that best knows the right path for its school. Academica's mission is to facilitate that governing board's vision. 

Academica's services include facilities, finance, staffing and human resources coordiantion, as well as bookeeping, budgeting, regulatory compliance, and financial forecasting. 

For more information, please visit www.academica.org.